With the word escape, many people are tempted to add an extra sound. It is not uncommon to hear escape pronounced as exscape. There is no ex sound in the word. Keep this in mind the next time you find yourself saying exscape.

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  1. Candee says:

    However, Will, it is incorrect to add the ‘x’ sound. Just as people should learn not to say basketti (for spaghetti) or ableeance (for ambulance), people should learn that the work is simply eSCAPE.

  2. Will C says:

    The word comes from ex (out) + cappa (to cloak ‘cape’) (excappare in Latin) so why not ex(s)cape? The s in the middle makes it easier to pronounce by splitting up the x and c sounds. I think it’s fair to say even more people (incl. myself) are more tempted to drop the x than the s because it’s easier.