About the Site

This site was created to enlighten visitors in a good-natured fashion about some of the most common errors made by native English speakers, and to serve as a resource for those who need a few tips to help them get a better grasp of English grammar.

It is worth noting that many of the errors on this site may be more common among Americans than British and other non-American native speakers of English. I chose these errors simply because I live in America; thus, my observations of the language tend to focus on what I see and hear around me on a daily basis. Furthermore, some of the errors may be common only in particular regions of the United States.

Now, of course, all languages follow their natural course of evolution, and inevitably, some errors will endure the test of time to become a permanent part of our language. Because of this, there tends to be great debate over whether some errors are really errors if their use is widespread. Therefore, I welcome all opinions on any of the errors I have chosen for this site.

With that said, I invite you to explore the site and expand your knowledge of the English language.

About the Author/Creator

Photo of RachelHi! I’m Rachel. Though my academic background is in psychology and library science, I acquired knowledge of grammar and writing rules through practice, studying scholarly sources such as English handbooks, dictionaries, etc., and everyday observations of language usage.

When not busy commenting on English language usage, I enjoy running, traveling, designing web sites, and immersing myself in an engrossing book or movie.