These words are often confused because of their related meanings but differing spellings.

Affect is a verb meaning “to influence.”

Effect can be both a verb and a noun. Its noun form is related to affect. (Its verb form, meaning “to accomplish” or “to put into operation,” has a different meaning and usage altogether.) In its noun form, an effect is the result of someone or something that is affecting another person or thing.

Here is an example:

Smoking affects health. The effect is lung cancer.

Affect is the verb causing the influence or change (on health). The effect is the result (lung cancer).

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  1. Olga says:

    I thought that there is the difference between ‘to effect’ and ‘to affect’: ‘to affect’ means ‘to influence smth usually in a negative way’, ‘to effect’ is neutral. Is it really true?

  2. Anna says:

    Would you help me with this sentence:

    This change will be affect immediately or will be effect immediately?

    My grammar is realy bad, I try my best to write a sentence with with out error, but it seem very difficult for me. Your website is realy good, I will visit often for references.


  3. Leebury says:

    Ah yes, but affect can also be a noun, just to confuse even more. Affect (prounounced with the emphasis on the first syllable) is an observed emotional state. “The emotional affect stayed with me a long time after the fire.”