Aesthetic is often incorrectly pronounced aestetic, as if there were no h in the word. The correct pronunciation is with a th sound, as in thick, at the beginning of the second syllable.

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  1. Jessica says:

    I just wanted to commen that I enjoy your website but find the organization of this pronunciation area confusing or misleading at best. It might be better to put the correct pronunciation in large or boldface at the top, rather than the incorrect way, while leaving us to search for the correct way to say the word within the text.
    Thank you.

    • Rachel V. says:

      Hi, Jessica. Thank you for your suggestion. I will work on seeing how I can make this section clearer.

  2. Bob says:

    I am using an app called Wordflex (Oxford). Both the GB and US variants are still pronouncing without the “h”. “Aestetics” interesting.

  3. Justin P says:

    Keep in mind the “h” is probably just dropped out as a result of assimilation. aesthetic is harder to pronounce than aestetic, and it doesn’t really make any difference in terms of understandability.

  4. Gay S. says:

    To further comment about this common mistake, is that I have noticed that typically the person who says “aestetic” instead of aesthetic is most likely a person who thinks that he/she is the only one who knows how to say it correctly and that the rest of the world is wrong.

  5. andrea says:

    it is true..