myself (used instead of I)

Myself is a reflexive pronoun, which is a type of pronoun that refers back to another word in a sentence; in the case of myself, the other word is I. If a sentence uses I, then myself can be used later in the sentence to refer back to I; otherwise, myself has no place. Here is an example of how myself is commonly misused:

Susan, Bob, and myself attended the event together.

In the example sentence above, myself isn’t referring to I somewhere else in the sentence, so the use of the reflexive myself is grammatically incorrect, and I should be used instead of myself. The following are examples of myself used correctly. In each example, myself is referring back to I used earlier in the sentence:

I went to the event by myself.

I reward myself with a dessert after a hard gym workout.

My sister travels overseas frequently, though I myself have never traveled outside the United States. (In this example, myself is used for emphasis.)

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